#NCW Trivia Day Five

Answer the question below to be entered to win a Building Atoms and Isotopes App, Chemistry Formula App, Mystical Tree or Mystical Garden!

Name the foods you can make from these elements’ symbols:

A) Sulfur Aluminum Molybdenum Nitrogen

B) Tungsten Astatine Erbium  

C) Sodium Carbon Hydrogen Osmium  

D) Carbon Hydrogen Iodine Phosphorus Sulfur   

E) Boron Actinium Oxygen Nitrogen   

F) Carbon Holmium Cobalt Lanthanum Tellurium Molybdenum Uranium Sulfur Selenium 

 G) Bromine Oxygen Carbon Cobalt Lithium  

 H) Fluorine Rhenium Nitrogen Carbon Hydrogen Francium Iodine Einsteinium  

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