#NCW Mole Day Trivia

Answer the question below  to win a FREE Mole Set! Winner will be announced at 6:02 p.m.!

Question:  Suppose you had one Avogadro’s number of dollars. You decide to give away $1000 per second per person to every person on the planet. Assuming the earth’s population is 7 billion people, how long would it take you to give away all your money?

8 Responses to “#NCW Mole Day Trivia”

  1. Cathy Utterback says:

    Approximately 2727 years.

  2. dona thomas says:

    approximately 24 million hours 24 minutes or 3,000 years if you round up

  3. 860,305,928,571 seconds. or 14338432142.9 minutes. or 238973869.048 hours. or 9957244.54365 days. or 27280.1220374 years.

  4. Melissa Yard says:

    8.6 x 10^10 seconds. If you’re counting sig figs in your calculation then it’s really 9 x 10^10 seconds.

  5. Colette says:

    2727993404.36 years or…a really long time! :)

  6. nowsheen says:

    Assuming Avogadro`s number to be 6.02* 10^23, the answer is in 8.6 * 10^13 seconds or 1.433*10^12 minutes or 2.39*10^10 hours

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