#NCW Giveaway Trivia

#NCW Giveaway Trivia

Answer the trivia question below and you will be entered to win a Mystical Tree or Mystical Garden. Happy National Chemistry Week!

There are many elements named after geographical locations; Scandium is named for Scandinavia, Francium is named for France, Dubnium is named for a town in Russia and Ruthenium is named for the Russian country itself. Americium, Berkelium, and Californium are all named for the USA. What is the only country named for an element?

Mystical Tree

Mystical Garden

19 Responses to “#NCW Giveaway Trivia”

  1. Tabitha Cruz says:

    The answer is Argentina for silver Ag

  2. Jacqui Shaw says:


  3. Heidi B. says:

    Argentina is named after the element silver (Ag)

  4. Melissa Yard says:


  5. Ashley McMinn says:

    Argentina for silver

  6. Katie MacDonell says:


  7. Donna Lee says:


  8. Sue Davenport says:


  9. Melinda Timbs-O'Dell says:


  10. Carolyn Mendonca says:


  11. Beth Wilson says:


  12. Gloria wilson says:

    Argentina is the only country named for an element. What an interesting question. I really enjoyed looking at all you have to offer at your website. What a great resource.

  13. Thomas Lau says:

    Germanium ( Germany)

  14. CE Laurie says:


  15. John Tollefson says:


  16. Janiece smith says:

    The latin name for silver is Argento so the country is Argentina

  17. jennifer beauford says:


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