Classroom CSI – Teacher Tip

Classroom CSI – Teacher Tip

Patricia Joseph from Bridgeport, Ohio shared with us this fun tip for teaching your students forensics. Give them a crime case file of their own!

When we are studying forensics, I have each student make a “case file.” In the file, the student places his or her hair sample (mounted on a slide), footprint (made on black paper with baby powder), fingerprint, writing sample, and “DNA analysis.” (For the DNA analysis, I read from a list of characteristics and each student answers on notebook paper with a black line for every characteristic that matches him or her. In the end it looks like a print from a DNA electrophoresis gel.) I then give each student another student’s case file. Students have to figure out who has who by only looking at the evidence given to them in the files. Some of the evidence is missing—as it would be in a real crime case.

2 Responses to “Classroom CSI – Teacher Tip”

  1. Tracy says:

    Great idea – I would love to have more info on your ‘DNA analysis’ – what questions you ask and the directions you give the kids to draw the lines. Thanks!

    • barbara jackson says:

      could send more information are actual activity. I would like to try this in my class for physicl science 10th grade.

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